Smoothie Staples 4 The Soul

10 years ago, smoothies consisted of yogurt (full of sugar), regular old-fashioned milk, fruit, and ice. Today, the ingredients in most smoothies are extremely hard to pronounce. They're just not as simple as fruit and milk anymore.  And there's a reason ...

1. amazing grass green superfood detox

This shit is from the gods. No joke. Not only does this super green powder have over 20 different fruits and vegetables in it, but it also restores your pH balance and kicks toxins out of your body. And it's only a whopping 25 cals per scoop. One word: amazing. Found at the motherland, WholePaycheck or online. 


INGREDIENTS include ...

- spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, parsley, leeks, coconut, beet, carrot, dandelion, lemon, ginger, tumeric, goji, & aloe vera.


2. frozen wild blueberries or bananas

I'm all for fruit in smoothies, but I usually just stick to these two and here's why: 

Wild blueberries, yes wild, give the perfect amount of sweetness without overdoing it, and have an exceedingly rich amount of antioxidants to help you not get sick.

Bananas, on the other hand, make the texture of a smoothie thicker and not as icy. Basically, they're the carb of your smoothie & a carb that's actually good for you.

NOTE: Freeze them, that way you don't have to deal with ice.

3. perfect fit protein powder

I promise you protein powders aren't just for the "swole" or those who lift. Whether it's hemp, whey, or pea based, I've tried a plethora of protein powders and most tend to have a chalky and unsatisfying taste. Perfect Fit Protein is actually perfect though. It was created by the ladies of Tone It Up and is made of guar gum, monk fruit extract, pea protein, pumpkin seed protein, with added vanilla or cacao flavoring. A great buy you can get here friends!

4. almond milk

If you haven't figured it out yet, regular cow's milk is out and nut-based milks are all the rage. Almond milk is better for your digestive system, hair, and skin, so why not add half water & half almond milk to your next smoothie?

NOTE: Buy the unsweetened kind. I know and you know that it's the best for your body.

5. A handful of spinach

Pile the spinach in there baby, I promise you won't taste a thing. Throwing some fresh greens into a smoothie is such a harmless, simple, and easy way to get your veggie fix. Trader Joe's has the cheapest and longest lasting bags of spinach in their produce section so get there. 

And for the braver souls, try adding kale.

6. half of an avocado

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Umm, this is not guacamole." True but it is a very important staple for your smoothie. Why? Because it breaks the stereotype that smoothies aren't filling. Avocados have enough fat and fiber to give the smoothie the texture and tenacity it needs.


Plus, who doesn't love avocados? Praying that my next one cuts open like the pic above. 

HealthChloe Leonard