The Ladies of LeSweat

What bomb-diggity dream team compares fitness to dating and discusses how never to f*ck up a squat again?

Presenting, the ladies of Le Sweat.

Straight out of New York City's West Village, Charlee Atkins and Meridith Miller are making fitness and living a healthy lifestyle so damn cool.

They're witty AF, extremely tech savvy, and completely BONAFIDE in my book.

So who are the ladies of Le Sweat?

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Charlee is a super fit SoulCycle Queen and Senior Instructor in the Big Apple, who also just so happens to be a fitness model for Wilhelmina. G-O-A-L-S. Her dry humour and brains for the human body (she has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science from Colorado State and is a certified personal trainer) make her extremely entertaining and hard to not gain some fascinating fitness insight.

Meridith is as suave and professional as a girl can get. She's got a background in law and entrepreneurship and is currently running partnerships for the one and only, Twitter. In the popular words of the Le Sweat ladies, same same. In terms of the fitness world, this chick has also run plenty of marathons and half marathons to make us all look like a couple of couch potatoes. And fun fact: Meridith met Charlee while riding in her SoulCycle classes and the two have been a dream team ever since.

Don't believe me?

Let's talk about some of my favorite features of LeSweat.

1. Le Titles

No other fitness site has as blunt, creative, and catchy post titles as LeSweat.

Charlee in sexxy spiders,


Charlee in The "Espresso" Warm-Up,


and our personal fave "how BUTT PASTE got me dumped".  #LOL

2. Le Destinations

Okay let's be honest. The fact that these two are currently running LeSweat out of NYC is pretty dang awesome. But on the other hand, they've taken "#FRIENDMOONS" to places like Thailand and Greece. Now that's something to write home about.

Who else is putting some work into working out for holiday vacation?

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3. Le Rosé Obsession

There's nothing more relatable about these two than their sophisticated relationship with rosé. Fitness is all about finding that balance, right?

mandate to hydrate with le sweat co-founders in cannes 🇫🇷🌹💦

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it's national wine day, make basic choices | @whitegirlwine

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4.  Le Elephant

They're not afraid to address le elephant in the room. You know, all that health, fitness, and relationship stuff you don't want to deal with but really should.



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Let's just say, Charlee & Mer, you guys got it goin' on.

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