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Welcome to the #NEWNEW

Essentially, it is a merge of the original BONAFIDE website, that launched in August 2016, and my own personal blog, created in December 2015.

The platform of what I like to call "Bonafide2.0" is a consolidation of truth, honesty, humor, creativity, health, wellness, and expression. Think of it as a haven for myself and guest writers, who say exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say. And of course, we're still bringing real back.

As for the part of the site, I will be posting on TrüthTalk, the how-to's and do's of werking out (yes werking out), the sh*t that just needs to be said, and last but not least, taking over your aux cords with my infamous playlists. 

BONAFIDE is back and getting sweaty, swaggy, and real.